I’m not a lazy Muslim voter- I just need some motivation

  • Blah blah blah local elections blah blah blah is mostly what I’ve been hearing for the last few days. Does that make me a political bimbo? See, the tough thing is, it appears to make very little difference who you actually vote for. And mostly the politicians just sling sleaze during campaigns, which to me translates as “vote for me because I’m less morally repugnant than the next guy”. All the politically minded Muslims will accuse me of being a lazy Muslim. Blah blah blah. But if I don’t exercise my civic duty, I’m opening the door to the BNP. They should not get a glimmer of support from anyone. And so, along with all the other politically and socially laudable reasons to turn up for on Thursday at the polling station, making sure that these one-policy racist thugs are roundly rejected is one huge reason for all human beings over the age of eighteen in this country.

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