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  • #ShelinaTravels Day 6: Honeymoons, holidays and heartbreak

    The movies are too often accused on creating artificial dreams about our lives that are neither realistic nor desirable. But on this morning, I thought of the ‘perfect’ honeymoon when couples travel far away to a paradise island and spend their days gazing into each others eyes,into the sea, and eat their dinner on the sand surrounded by candles to the backdrop of the moonlit waves.

    And so, at breakfast this morning it made me smile to see a newly married couple perched on the beach, enjoying their morning meal together. The hotel staff helped them with a selfie. Her feet were painted with henna. Something I had done on my own honeymoon..

    In fact, we’ve seen these special romantic meals set up in many places, perfect for honeymooners. Some set up on the edge of cliffs. Some in the prime spots of restaurants. Some, like this one, on the edge of the lapping waves.

    It reminded me of our own honeymoon – romance in the Maldives followed by adventure in Oman. We looked somewhat longingly at the delight that awaits these couples and their manicured experiences to enhance their love as our own two munchkins run around restaurants in a circle. Or the two year old has a tantrum because the colour of the plates is wrong! Maybe sometime soon our holiday will accommodate more intimate meals again!

    Sadly, our visit to Lombok was at an end I love this island and despite the twenty hours plus to get there, and having been twice, I’d go again. I love its beauty, I love its people. And I don’t know how else to explain it: my heart has found a resting place here. Maybe it is nothing more than just how very lovely it is.

    But my heart which has been busy replenishing itself in this beauty is starting to feel heavy. It was time to depart and we returned to Lombok airport, and small airport but with useful little shops for a quick snack and emergency souvenirs.

    Barely fifteen minutes in the air later, we landed back in Bali. We still have two more days to go, but I’m starting to feel heartbreak already.



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