#ShelinaTravels Day 7 evening: cliff top sunsets and the tourist haven of Uluwatu temple

  • It’s a given that travel never goes according to plan. For our last night we had scoped out a sunset visit to much acclaimed Uluwatu temple on the cliffs overlooking the sea, to be followed by a local dance performance. The only thing we were warned about were the ‘cheeky’ monkeys who like stealing glasses and hats.

    My husband was worried they’d pinch his spectacles (without which he can’t see) and I was worried that the monkeys might get too friendly with the toddler. (I was once bitten by one).

    But none of this was to matter, because when we arrived we discovered we’d forgotten all our wallets and had no money. The half an hour drive meant it was pointless to return to the hotel, as we’d miss the sunset on return.

    The driver turned out to be a saviour and had just enough money for one person to enter: I took the chance and went to explore. The poor kids and husband wandered round the mandatory shops and restaurants outside.

    The path leads down past the monkeys. There were just a few and they kept their distance, although admittedly I didn’t stop to find out if they’d jump on me.  The way opens to a stunning view of the sea and the place was heaving with tourists. I must admit I didn’t see any locals, and our driver didn’t seem to think locals came here often.

    The view is extraordinary, but forgive me for saying that the temple itself rather unremarkable. I wouldn’t even have known the way hadn’t a stream of visitors been flowing towards it.

    On the next cliff top stadium seating had been set up, with maybe 50 – 100 rows of tourists filling it up preparing to watch the dance.

    Again, without any money I couldn’t buy the additional ticket, but videos I’ve seen before have been quite something.

    It’s not the temple you’re visiting here, or seeing locals in worship. This place is just for the experience, the atmosphere and of course the sunset.

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