#ShelinaTravels Day 8: Beauty, privilege and beyond to infinity in Bali

  • Perhaps one of the greatest privileges in life is to wake up in a place of beauty and tranquillity. The hotel we stayed at had curated such beauty to perfection. The view from our bedroom had double doors opening directly into an infinity pool of sparkling blue water, which merged beyond into the vast blue of the Indian ocean and the clear skies beyond.  It was only the different textures of each which allows the eye to see how one is transformed into the next.

    Who could resist getting out of bed and straight into the pool?

    As a woman who covers, the private pool villa has been the most extraordinary revelation. The four of us swam to our hearts content. The six year old practised her swimming. The two year old decided to swim with nothing but her nappy (and why not!). And husband delighted into the smaller warm jetpool while overlooking the ocean.

    We ordered lunch in and ate it by the pool. Swimming, splashing and floating. I can’t express how the heart sings, but also the soul is acutely aware of the incredible nature of this blessing.  Once you’ve experienced a private pool it is hard not to want one for a night or so on any future holiday. They cost, of course they do, but for a day and a night of magic, it is well worth considering.

    We managed to escape its allure briefly, to take the children to dress up in local Balinese costume. The bright yellow, red and gold wrapped around them with sparkling head dresses couldn’t have made them look cuter if we’d tried, and the cultural immersion (if repackaged for tourists) was a delight. I think it’s a memory the six year old will hold dear.

    But it was the night time sound of the crashing waves in the distance that was the highlight. The cosy feeling of being tucked up on the clifftops with the sound of the sea roaring beneath gives succour to the soul.  And after hectic city life and managing kids, work and stresses of the daily grind, I felt like a new woman.


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