#ShelinaTravels: My love affair continues with Indonesia, Bali and Lomobk. Until next time…

  • Twelve days, four islands, one stellar conference and countless hospitable people have made this an extraordinary journey.

    But it was at last time to pack up and head home. This was my third trip to Indonesia and on each occasion my heart grows ever fonder of the country.

    My obsession with eating satay was inflamed. This has now turned into a fully fledged obsession with the #SataySelfie. And I’ve also discovered similar obsessions with drinking (and photographing) my cappuccino in locations of extreme beauty. And perhaps most unexpectedly I’ve got an obsession with photographing people on motorbikes. I’ll be posting my favourite pics over the coming days.

    It’s easy and comfortable to travel here. People are kind, and perhaps most welcome is their natural and friendly manner with children. They are celebrities and an integral part of the interaction. People naturally love little ones and go out of their way to accommodate them. This makes it a fantastic destination for families.

    After 8 days of holiday I had started to replenish myself and I wished we’d had a few more days to immerse ourselves further. Perhaps my only regret is not having a chance to explore localities on foot and in person. But with work, children and my aspiration at the outset to have the chance to indulge in some true relaxation, something had to give.

    As a working mum, working even while travelling, I’ve learnt that everything is about choices and trade-offs. No holiday, unless it is remarkably long, can cover all bases. I do long to return to the days of spontaneous adventure when in a destination; to have challenging treks up volcanoes and mountains; to eat from roadside food vendors, and to spend hours roaming through local markets and haggling. I do wish for those days when you can change the structure of your holiday on a whim, because something more interesting came up.  But I also love having my kids with me, and spending time with them, and showing them new experiences and cultures. And most of all, I know I need time to just rest and be.

    The extraordinary thing about Indonesia is that you can do all of these in whatever proportion you wish. And so I don’t say goodbye to Indonesia, but rather, until next time…




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  • zainab

    December 13, 2017

    assalamu alaikum shelina, i am a research scholar from India working on autobiographies of muslim women. i would like take your memoir for my studies.
    mrs. zainab

  • shelina

    December 16, 2017

    Salam alaikum. Yes, please do!