• Daily Express claims ‘Muslims are too extreme’

    One of this week’s front pages of the Daily Express was given over (in huuuuuge writing) to stirring up more fear about Muslims. “Too extreme” screamed the bulging bold black capital letters. It came to this conclusion after the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq made a comment about some literature found in mosques in Blackburn. He allegedly said, “What I saw would not be allowed in Iraq – it would be illegal.” We don’t know what literature he saw, or in which mosques or how many mosques. The great leap that the Express makes from this comment, to generalising so vehemently about a geographically, doctrinally and ethnically disparate set of communities therefore seems a bit of a stretch. (Not that this comes as any surprise).

    Surely it is a bit rich however for a country in violent turmoil like Iraq, to be comparing what may or may not be illegal. If most Brits were over in Iraq, we would probably make comments like “The killings, torturings, abductions, prisons, attacks would not be allowed in Britain – it would be illegal.” But perhaps the Express doesn’t care about illegalities in Iraq, only caring about stirring up malice here?
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