• And the snow fell…

    I have been watching the snow this morning, from the window of my study. The tiny flakes so delicate, as to be almost invisible as they fall. There is something incredibly soothing about watching the constant cascade.

    Now being a suburban-ite, I can see the snow settling onto the ground and turning everything white – a pleasure almost entirely denied me as one of those city-types last year, where the urban heat creates a whole separate climate.

    It’s incredibly quiet outside. The only signs of life have been the postman’s visit this morning (hat-tip to the postman and his valiant determination in the face of the snow), and the paw-tracks of the incorrigible local cat.
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  • Protest in London over the killings in Gaza

    Yesterday I participated in the protest march in London, to show our outrage as human beings as the enormous and flagrant loss of innocent civilian life in Gaza, as numbers of dead have exceeded 800 in the last two weeks.
    The atmosphere was electric, and the roads were absolutely utterly jam-packed. Human beings from up and down the country literally poured through the streets. Estimates vary between a paltry 12,000 up to 100,000. It certainly felt much closer to the upper end of that spectrum.
    People completely filled Bayswater Road from Speakers Corner, to Notting Hill down Kensington Church Street and along Kensington high street. The presence was solid and full across the whole road for that whole stretch. The police was present in huge numbers right from the very beginning. Check out these photos. The first shows the vigour with which the police was present – this is right near the beginning, but they’ve already knocked over a protester. Also notice the huge range of people who attended, and the passion with which they came from so far away, to show this: that the killing must stop.
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  • What does religion mean?

    I’ve been exploring the theme of what religion and spirituality mean, and will probably write more about this in the coming weeks. However, in this spirit, I thought you might enjoy this photo I took.

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