• Time for a Womelution – a preview

    The Muslim community needs to make a quantum leap in addressing the issues of gender roles, gender worth, and gender relations, and so later this week I will be declaring a ‘womelution’.

    The debate about Islam, women and rights seems to have reached a dead end. We are stuck, all of us together – Muslim and otherwise – in a groundhog day regurgitation of the same arguments about women and Islam. It’s all talk with few new ideas and intellectual works being produced, little social change happening, and Muslims still not facing up to the fact that we need to address the subject of gender.

    What we need is for men and women to work together so that we can make substantive change and real improvements. What we need are open hearts and inquisitive minds so that we can make a positive move forward. What we need, is a womelution.

    If you come back on Friday 29th Feb, you’ll be able to read the full article, and you will also find a humorous surprise waiting for you…

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  • Not in my name – a preview

    We’re not responsible for the behaviour of all Muslims, so why are we constantly berated for what happens abroad? Should Muslims constantly be asked to denounce what other Muslim individuals or states do, even though we have no control over them? In an upcoming article, due to be published next week in The Muslim News, I’m stating “Not in My Name”, and exploring some of these questions. If you come back here on the 30th of November, you’ll be able to read the whole piece which looks at July 7th, a recent case in Saudi Arabia as well as Holocaust Memorial Day. In the meantime, here is a teaser-taster for you…

    When I recently read the story of a 19-year-old Saudi woman who was gang-raped 14 times, I felt nauseous. I was disgusted. The victim had also been sentenced to 90 lashes for breaking the Saudi rule that men and women who are not related should not be together. For the first time – as I wrote on my blog – I found myself writing the words, Not In My Name.
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  • Why I love being a British Muslim Woman…

    The media always makes it look like Muslim women have a rough old time of it, and we’re miserable… In an upcoming article, due to be published next week in The Muslim News, I’m writing about Five Things I Love About Being a British Muslim Woman. If you come back here on the 27th of September, you’ll be able to read the whole piece. In the meantime, here is a teaser-taster for you…

    Read the full article now which is posted here: http://www.spirit21.co.uk/2007/09/five-things-i-love-about-being-a-british-muslim-woman/

    ‘Poor, oppressed, miserable, battered Muslim women!’ cry the media harpies. They take lustful pleasure in oppression of their own kind, by misrepresenting us, by stifling our voices, by denying us our identities. “It cannot be that you love being Muslim!” say the politico-journo-lobbyist voices. “You must not partake of Britain and its values,” say the Muslim voices that also try to own us.

    I’m here to set the record straight. I like being a British Muslim Woman. In fact, I love it. Ol’ Blighty is the place of my birth, and I am very much a child of the empire, my origins being in the far flung reaches of the reign on which the sun never set. Like all good British Muslim women, I love a good gossip, and a good moan. I am careful not to talk to people on the underground (except in a crisis). I talk about the whether and traffic in immense detail. I love fish and chips, with lots of vinegar. I am love-struck with the Britishness that venerates Stonehenge, despite its toy-sized pebbles when compared to the great wonders of the ancient world. I am besotted by the fact that we haven’t won the world cup for forty years, and yet we are adamant that we will certainly win the next time we play. Hurrah for being a British Muslim Woman!”

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