Sunday, 29 of November of 2015

Category » video who would you like to be the new Pope?

I was featured on earlier this week as part of a range of people commenting in advance of the Papal election on who should be the next Pope. You can hear my thoughts by clicking through the video.

Tony Blair meets the Yoof – is he bovvered?

For those of you who were watching Comic Relief last night you may have seen this clip starring the PM and Catherine Tate’s most famous alter ego Lauren. This character has captured the UK’s imagination as a caricatured representation of younger people today. The sketch is beautifully scripted and Tony does an impressive job with his acting skills. Good for the PM for having the sense of humour and community to participate. Let’s hope he does his own bit for the cause by using the enormous power he holds. If you feel that the sketch was worth watching, you can donate your own little bit here.

Introducing the iRack

Yeah, you gotta say it with a southern drawl to get the black humour. Watch to the end for the punchline.

Thanks to where I spotted it

Comedy Subtitling

Subtitling these days on telly has gone a bit loopy. A middle eastern man on a Channel 4 documentary was given subtitles to help with his Arabic twang, even though he was entirely comprehensible. On the other hand, I stared uncomprehendingly as a Glaswegian woman on a make-over show talked at sixteen to the dozen with no textual assistance. Perhaps it’s where you’re from rather than your proximity to the broad cross section of widely understood English accents and language that makes the difference?

Anyhow, I find the whole thing both humorous and perplexing. If you are as tickled as I was by the erratic use of subtitling, you’ll enjoy this.

Or see the video here