• Submissions open for Muslim Writers Awards 2010

    For the fourth year running the Muslim Writers Awards is calling out for creative, interesting and exciting submissions from writers across the country. So get your entries in before May 14th 2010.

    The Muslim Writers Awards was set up to encourage more writers, and readers, from British Muslims. There is an untapped reservoir of talent waiting to be encouraged and nurtured to write, not to mention readers who are to be encouraged to spend their pennies (and they have plenty of them!) on books.

    Read more about the Muslim Writers Awards here: www.muslimwritersawards.co.uk

    And the submission guidelines here: http://www.muslimwritersawards.co.uk/submissions/submissions.html

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  • Bursary scheme for young writers aged 13 – 19 years

    MyVoice write or wrong? is a bursary scheme for young people aged 13 – 19 interested in exploring themes of faith, diversity, violent extremism or freedom of expression in written or spoken form and who show a passion for words.

    If you think that describes you then take a look at their website and think about applying. It’s quite straightforward and just requires a small sample of your work (which as an aspiring writer hopefully you will have tucked away somewhere). There are a few conditions but if you meet those then you could be on your way to £100 in book tokens along with support and mentorship. Writing is a challenging, competitive and uncharted territory especially for young writers, and if you think that you have even a kernal of desire to get involved, then you couldn’t wish for a better start than a mentoring programme like this.

    Do it!


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  • Looking for unusual books on Hajj

    I have long held an interest in the social history of hajj and its spiritual, religious and artistic importance amongst Muslims. I have decided that it is now time for me to explore and research this area in more detail. And since the season of hajj is now approaching, it seems even more poignant to start collecting materials and reading more deeply on the subject. I’d also like to put together a collection of books on this subject.

    That is where I am looking for help from you dear readers. I’m looking for books, writing and arts on all hajj related matters (and Mecca/Medina too) in English. This can be travelogues, histories, photographs, stories, maps, guidebooks, contemporary or historical, anything at all. Since I am investigating more of a social, historical and spiritual aspect, the only thing I am not looking for is fiqh books.

    If you have any books like this, and are feeling generous (or no longer need them), please please do send them to me so I can put them to good use. You can post a comment on this article with details and then I will get in touch to arrange transfer of the book.

    Many of these books are quite unusual, and can be difficult to find out about their existence, and hard to get hold of, which is why if you have any it would be a great deal of help to me. Thank you in advance!

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  • "Love in a Headscarf" shortlisted for Muslim Writers Awards

    Exciting news! My book Love in a Headscarf has been shortlisted by the Muslim Writers Awards for the Published Non-Fiction category.

    The competition is stiff, with some great books also on the shortlist, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. The awards will be announced on May 27th.

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